What's a Zine? And What's a

"Mixed Media Master?"

A Zine is a small, hand folded, book, which includes original art and text, expressing the artist's story. A Mixed Media Master is what I call an original artwork telling my story, but it lays flat and stays flat. I use it to get copies made, and then I fold the copies into multiple, shareable Zines.

Creating Zines from a Mixed Media Master

A Juicy*S Art Play Date

A Juicy*S Art Play Date is the online version of the live Art Play Dates (workshops) that I've hosted during the Summer for the past several years. I'm here to lead you and support you through the creative process. The project is something you can complete in a day, as you would at a 4-hour, live Art Play Date.

I will take you through the step-by- step process of creating the Zine Master - from background, to formatting the "pages" of the zine, to adding text to tell your story. Then, I'll explain how I get copies made of the Zine Master and show you how I assemble multiple Zines to share.

To me, mixed media almost always means layers...layers of color and layers of media. This way, mixed media art is more like playing with different art supplies, seeing what they do, experimenting, letting go, going with the flow, and asking "what if?" It's responding to the different cues you give yourself as you make choices in your creative process, and work from the outcomes of these choices to make new ones. For me, the process goes like this...making little choices and adding layers...until I like it!

Even if you don't make a Zine Master and get a bunch of copies made (though I hope you will!), you will learn some of my tried and true mixed media techniques. And of course you can use these techniques in any of your own mixed media projects, art journaling, or shareable art.

This Class Has:

  • 6 videos of course content
  • A class PDF with an outline of the course and additional information
  • A Printable High-contrast Collage paper for you to use
  • One month of in-depth teacher interaction in the classroom and the dedicated FaceBook Group
  • A chance to join a community of artists creating and sharing their art! If there is interest, we will arrange a trade among ourselves to exchange our multiple, shareable zines!

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Classroom Opens November 1, 2022